I am Alaina Green. I am here to discuss about cyber bullying. Ask Me Anything!

Sep 11, 2017

I was never conscious about cyber bullying or being a strong superwoman against cybercrime. This year my niece is becoming 16 years old & I am also expecting my first child. Our country & our system is safe but you can never be 100% sure! This birthday will be my niece Sherly's sweet sixteen birthday but i am really worried as she is growing up. Somedays ago she was so afraid because some unknown boys were sending her abusing messages, pictures. I don't want my child to be feel afraid or insecure like that. I am not here to open any cybercrime prevent classes but to discuss the primary method. 

1. Don't Reply: Teach your children to don't reply if someone bullies them. Silence is the besy way to ignore this problem.

2. Don't Show aggressiveness: Giving them some threats or back bullying often increase their interest & they poke you again and again. 

3. Save the evidence: Often people delete the abusing message after they just read it. Don't do that! please save the evidence so that you can complain if needed. 

4.Internet security: Social sites are now open but could be secured if you want. Teach them to manage security options like with whom they wanna share their post or which personal information should be posted or should not. Don't forcee them, just try to convince them. 

5. Follow their Activities: You should try to follow your children's activities on internet. Which sites they are viewing or which social media they are using. Ask them to keep you as a a follower or include you in their friendlist so that you can check who are they contacting with. 

6. Be a Friend: Don't scold them if they have done any mistakes. Ask them nicely and encourage them to tell everything to you or any trusted adults . 

Parenting is not a easy job. I am ready to do this job & protect my child from the virtual evils! May be i am overreacting as a new mom, but i don't want my niece or my child to be afraid like this forever. 

Ask me anything,Parents! 

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Why do you think cyberbullying is such a big issue today? Especially with it being so easy to prevent or counter.

Sep 11, 8:52PM EDT0

Yes i think so. Kids are always keep things hidden when they are growing up. You can never tell 100% what's going on with them. All you can do is monitoring them, be friendly with them & teach them how to avoid this types of problems.

Sep 13, 3:57PM EDT0

I use my phone a lot for work, how are parents going to demand propper behavior from our children if they don’t have it?

Sep 11, 6:58PM EDT0

That's one of the main reason, i must say. They should use their mobile but we need to check their activities 

Sep 13, 3:55PM EDT0

Why do kids in elementary and middle school have cell phones, anyway? Why do they need them?

Sep 11, 10:13AM EDT0

Sometimes the parents need to contact with them that's why they gave the kids cellphone. It's not right. But in this era of technology & social media sites you can't cut off them totally, right? Too much restriction will make them aggravated. They will lie & they will do everything behind you. That's why monitoring their activities is a better idea than cutting it off

Sep 13, 3:54PM EDT0

Do cyberbullying victims and perpetrators fit any stereotypical profile?

Sep 11, 8:13AM EDT0

I don't think so

Sep 13, 3:51PM EDT0

How does one handle cyberbullying in an environment where the effect can be just as pernicious and damaging, but one is supposed to be mature enough not to be effected by it?

Sep 11, 1:23AM EDT0

Yes maturity is the main prevention of cyber bullying. Raise your voice but don't get killed by it.

Sep 13, 3:50PM EDT0

I am well aware of the rising issue of cyber bullying; however, why should schools have the right to search cell phones?

Sep 11, 12:34AM EDT0

i agree. School faculties shouldn't have the authority to check our kid's cellphone. 

Last edited @ Sep 13, 3:49PM EDT.
Sep 13, 3:49PM EDT0

Why do people cyberbully others?

Sep 10, 10:48PM EDT0

Research says people with low-confident & disturbed child are often abuse others to show the false power.

Sep 13, 3:47PM EDT0

Do we go to the parents of these kids who are harassing others and let them know what happened? What is the right course?

Sep 10, 9:46PM EDT0

Yes, their parents should know what their children are doing. Don't complain or don't over react, just explain them what happened  & it is harmful for both kids.

Sep 13, 3:45PM EDT0

My daughter is entering middle school this fall. What advice can I give her if she finds herself or a friend on the receiving end of cyberbullying?

Sep 10, 9:18PM EDT0

You can advise her to keeping distance if someone is bothering her. She can tell you or any adults and ask for help anytime

Sep 13, 11:48AM EDT0

Do cyber bullying victims and perpetrators fit any stereotypical profile?

Sep 10, 8:56PM EDT0

No, i dnt think so

Sep 13, 11:46AM EDT0

Considering sometimes you do not know who the cyberbully is, is there a way for victims to ‘stand up’ to cyberbullies or diffuse the situations?

Sep 10, 6:46PM EDT0

Yes if this a serious situation then you can always take the help police and track the evidence 

Sep 13, 11:46AM EDT0

What is Cyberbullying?

Sep 10, 5:45PM EDT0

When a person is bullied on online 

Sep 13, 11:45AM EDT0

If my kid was being cyber-bullied, I would tell her to retain all nasty text messages/emails/posts and to print them out so that there are no questions as to whether it really happened. Do you agree?

Sep 10, 5:22PM EDT0

No i don't. You need to find the reason of course. As i said, what we share online, we should be careful about that

Sep 13, 11:44AM EDT0

How are people cyberbullied?

Sep 10, 5:09PM EDT0

People often don't care about what they are sharing online & it becomes the main point to blackmail & bullying them

Sep 13, 11:43AM EDT0

Should I take all electronic devices from my child to prevent this from happening?

Sep 10, 4:48PM EDT0

No, cutting off everything will just aggravated them. You should maintain a good relationship so they can share any problems with you. you can ask for their password or at least be a social media follower of their accounts.

Sep 13, 11:43AM EDT0

How do I respond and prevent to cyberbullying?

Sep 10, 2:52PM EDT0

I already mention the basic steps in my writing sir. you can follow them.

Sep 13, 11:41AM EDT0

How do people react to cyber bullying?

Sep 10, 2:37PM EDT0

People often don't care about cyber bullying until it becomes serious

Sep 13, 11:40AM EDT0

How can I prevent cyberbullying and stay cyber-safe?

Sep 10, 1:59PM EDT0

I already mention the basic steps. You can follow and maintain them.

Sep 13, 11:39AM EDT0

If a parent suspects their child is a cyberbully, what should they do?

Sep 10, 1:00PM EDT0

They should talk to the child nicely and understand the reason behind his/her work. Talking is a great way to solve any problems 

Sep 13, 11:39AM EDT0

We are turning off all free access to the computer for all the boys and are making them disable their social networking accounts. It is a shame for the others, but how could I know whether they are not doing the same kinds of things but are simply smarter about covering their tracks?

Sep 10, 12:53PM EDT0

You have to maintain a good friendly relationship with them. Cutting off everything is not a solution. Try to find out what they are doing but don't detach them from their social  life.

Last edited @ Sep 13, 11:38AM EDT.
Sep 13, 11:37AM EDT0

Are the warning signs for cyberbullying different from traditional bullying?

Sep 10, 12:06PM EDT0

Almost same.

Sep 13, 11:36AM EDT0

How is cyber bullying different from the one that happens in schools or offices? Is the local police equipped to handle cyber bullying?

Sep 10, 10:52AM EDT0

in direct bulletin you know the person who is harassing you. but in cyber bullying it's tough to find out the source until police find it. Yes local police are helpful, but you should always take prevention step on ur own

Sep 13, 11:35AM EDT0

Have you ever encountered cyber bullying yourself?

Sep 10, 10:12AM EDT0

Many times, but i handled it properly so it wasn't such a big problem for me

Sep 13, 11:34AM EDT1
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