I am Alaina Green. I am here to discuss about cyber bullying. Ask Me Anything!

Sep 11, 2017

I was never conscious about cyber bullying or being a strong superwoman against cybercrime. This year my niece is becoming 16 years old & I am also expecting my first child. Our country & our system is safe but you can never be 100% sure! This birthday will be my niece Sherly's sweet sixteen birthday but i am really worried as she is growing up. Somedays ago she was so afraid because some unknown boys were sending her abusing messages, pictures. I don't want my child to be feel afraid or insecure like that. I am not here to open any cybercrime prevent classes but to discuss the primary method. 

1. Don't Reply: Teach your children to don't reply if someone bullies them. Silence is the besy way to ignore this problem.

2. Don't Show aggressiveness: Giving them some threats or back bullying often increase their interest & they poke you again and again. 

3. Save the evidence: Often people delete the abusing message after they just read it. Don't do that! please save the evidence so that you can complain if needed. 

4.Internet security: Social sites are now open but could be secured if you want. Teach them to manage security options like with whom they wanna share their post or which personal information should be posted or should not. Don't forcee them, just try to convince them. 

5. Follow their Activities: You should try to follow your children's activities on internet. Which sites they are viewing or which social media they are using. Ask them to keep you as a a follower or include you in their friendlist so that you can check who are they contacting with. 

6. Be a Friend: Don't scold them if they have done any mistakes. Ask them nicely and encourage them to tell everything to you or any trusted adults . 

Parenting is not a easy job. I am ready to do this job & protect my child from the virtual evils! May be i am overreacting as a new mom, but i don't want my niece or my child to be afraid like this forever. 

Ask me anything,Parents! 

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